Monday, September 30, 2013

Week in Photos

Gyudon at Kaizen.

Ling's collection. These are not all, she has another BIG box of Kitty stuffs like calculator, lunch box, etc. 

 Graduation dinner. I'm quite disappointed that we didn't have gala night like the seniors, wearing pretty dresses, interesting performances, dancing etc like young people! We had quite like a formal dinner. 

 It wasn't even full house, there were few empty tables. Waste of foods :(

 Had Malay cuisine.

Passed time by playing UNO. Why they cannot be punctual every time? WHY!? We started around 8.50-9pm eh. 

 I salute His Majesty much because HM's always punctual. This was during our Graduation ceremony, I checked my watch when HM arrived and it was 9am SHARP. *applause* That's why the locals love him much. 好版样!

 Visited my relative's recycle company. This is what they do with the recycled stuffs. They categorize and squeeze the stuffs to one big pile that weights around 1000+kg and reuse them. 
A lil knowledge for y'all ^^ For black and white papers, they normally reuse it for making toilet paper. For color papers like magazine, in China, they use it for making "hell money". How to say 金银纸? lol
I can't believe there are so much new unsold magazines. They also collect metals that include cars! They were so many cars being squeezed :O Can you imagine the weight and size? They collect plastics too.
Start recycling and send to the recycle companies! Save the earth

 Had Thai foods yesterday at MOD.

Had BBQ on the weekend for my farewell :) arigato gozaimasu. We played heads up, it was fun for a short while. Watched Running Man, they are always funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Patrick looks like sitting on the sand enjoying the undersea view. What a funny and creepy pose. It was trying hard to flip over. 

We are now rushing to complete my house before I leave to Kuala Lumpur in 12 days! The progression is so mighty-ubberly SLOW. We bought last September when the contractor said it was close to finish. We expected everything would be done in December 2012. It's already a year! Now just left the walls to be painted then we can move in the furniture. So happy that I'm able to get furniture from Ikea, I like their designs. Happy because it's not like I can get whatever I want, it has to be approved by my dad, he's the sponsor :) 

I feel sorry to the suppliers, but it's not my fault to be picky. I'm not sure if this is considered as a perfectionist, but I'll get really unhappy when I see a lil scratch on the furniture that make them imperfect. Some people would tell me "A little only la, nevermind la" to be less troublesome. I would stop complaining for a while to make myself accept the imperfect thing, look at it from different angle, I'll go forward and backward to see if the scratch is unobvious, I'll repeat this a lot of times for the whole day that makes me look like some crazy girl with depression, then I would have insomnia because the scratch image stays in my mind, then I can't stand it anymore, I would tell myself "I WANT TO EXCHANGE THIS THING!!" Yes, I'm that serious. This happened when I couldn't accept my current hair color too. Anyway...

So I called the supplier to remind and emphasize, "Please check the furniture before you send. I want it to be really perfect. I don't want to exchange again after your staffs send the furniture here. We make it less troublesome okay? Perfect ah! Thanks." Then she replied "Ok ok, I will make sure the furniture is PERFECT." haha not sure if she was unhappy. But when I pay for it, the description didn't say there will be scratches. What for I pay for an imperfect thing. 

My dad himself will be making my bed, not the mattress, just the headboard and the bottom part :)

Can't wait to see my complete house next year. Sometimes life is just unexpectable. I never expect I would go abroad alone for a period, never expect to get a house at this age. Life is too good to be my dad's daughter. Oh-nei-to-fo~

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