Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week in Photos

This is how the Buddhist celebrate Mooncake/Mid Autumn Festival.. 

My funny cousin.

Celebrated my Grandma's birthday at Rizqun. 

 Happy grandma.

I just collected my graduation photo and this is indeed a great shot! I smiled, made eye contact and recognizable. 

 My very sweet 20 years childhood friend sent me this card. Like seriously finally separated after being in the same classes and courses these 2 decades. 

Mini haul this week. 
I finally got a new bottle, nice and cute, with a bag and adjustable string (someone broke my previous one)

Happy hour:

urgh, not very photogenic that day. 

Today's gonna be a very busy day as I'm going to clean up my new house and ask all the furniture companies to deliver and assemble the furniture. Can't wait to see my wardrobe!

I haven't start packing yet! >< 

I'm watching Sam Hui's concert this coming Saturday in Genting, gonna be my first time watching concert :)
If you don't know him, he's the one who sings 半斤八两。That's the only song I know LOL

I think the next post gonna be updated when I'm in KL. C ya...

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