Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week in Photos

Ah~~ I finally found a wifi at my place. I should have ask around earlier. 

I have nothing much in my room but cosmetics and snacks!

Some cosmetics are nice and cute.

Those lip glosses are cool stuffs. How cool!? How cool!!??

 It has light and mirror. So you can touch up while you party!

I'm getting a VERRRRYYYY cool palette from USA, I hope it reaches here safe and nice. It's my dream palette that doesn't ship internationally *thumbs down* and doesn't accept payment from foreign banks *BOO*. And my friend is getting it for me from New York!!! GUESS SAJA girls! If you know this brand you will gone insane~~~ or may be just me so crazy about this. haha anyway, I am only able to receive in December, I can't wait! Hope everything goes smooth *having high hope*

Snacks! And those unhealthy eggs, I know. I just want to try. Funny thing is, it writes there "no preservatives" then the expiry date is in 2014 =.="
The eggs are not bad, but it's a lil weird but I don't know what's so weird about it, but the taste is OK. It's a bit hard and the yolk is bigger.......urm, maybe you should try yourself. 

Gonna fly like mad! I have 3 trips in Decemeber woot!

I'm loving this so muchie! Do most of you scrub your body, I wonder? Because I've been scrubbing mine since teenager I guess. I'll feel something's not right if I don't scrub regularly. 
Of all the scrubs I used, I liked The Body Shop cranberry scrub at first because the smell is sweet and nice. And this, Soap & Glory sea salt scrub is my fav now! I'm addicted to the smell, the sea salt beachy smell, arghhh~ *melt*

This looks like something we girls need! I haven't try yet but read all the good reviews about it. Tell me if you're interested to know the result after I tried?? 
The packaging is cool because the texture is like furry matte? It doesn't feel smooth like typical box la.

A picture of me after class. It's smokey eyes, nude lips. 

The edited version by Eldy :)

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