Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Genting again!

I went straight to Genting the first day I reached KL to watch Sam Hui's concert. Genting's customer service is really good every time, I can say. The moment we sat inside the Genting's taxi, woot...macam VIP. The driver politely said "There's a pillow behind you, water beside you. Do you want to listen some music? Chinese or English? Here's some sweets. Are you dizzy?" He even gave reminder, said, remember not to leave belongings behind, and some greetings, I forgot what he said. 

We were served hot tea by the hotel because it was really cold.

 We stayed in Genting Grand. Really grand~~

Big bath tub. Too bad I didn't bring my bubbles :( It would be nice to soak in the hot bubbles in a cold weather. Can watch TV some more while showering. 

Even the dustbin is Burberry! kidding la...

阿一 (Ah Yat) abalone restaurant if I don't get the name wrong. 

 But we didn't eat abalone la. The foods are yummy~
1. Tofu with scallop and prawn.
2. Pork with broccoli.

Went to visit the Ripley's Believe it Or not! since we have not much to do. 

 Different look when you turn upside down.

Dentist chair.

Some unusual people:

1. Human unicorn
2. Bird caged dwarf
3. Blue face China man
4. 4 eyes man.

 Car covered with coins.


End of Genting Trip!

I'm good in KL, and been doing some unusual and adventurous missions. Will talk about it some other time ^^ tata....

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