Friday, October 25, 2013

Nom Nom in KL

Ahh~~ I can finally online. Can't online too much like I was in Brunei, Internet here is really expensive as I'm using broadband. I think, since this house that I'm staying are all students, the owner should offer us wifi, we can pay a lil extra. This house has 10 students! It's a terrace house, btw. 

I registered Digi broadband and it's sucks! Not all their fault but it's still their fault! 1st, they don't have an unlimited data package, may be they have and if they have, telephone line must be needed. So for my case, I have to get the package that I'm having now la. I first registered 4GB and they told me that if it's not enough I can upgrade it. *snap* Simple and easy.

Few days ago, I realised the data has reached the limit, so I requested to have an upgrade to 6GB. Then they told me "Sorry, you can only upgrade it after 3 months." WHAT!!?? Then what should I do? "Can you make this an exceptional and just upgrade my package since your branch staff told me I can upgrade it anytime." And they told me that they can't do anything but top-up. Because top up is more expensive! RM25 for 1 GB! If I knew I only can upgrade after 3 months, then I would have considered 6GB or higher!! I have a broadband contract by the way, so it's not like I can cancel as I like. Lovely advice to you all, I don't think Digi broadband has a good plan, or else you have to really know how much data you're gonna use before applying it. 

And something that was frustrating, Digi customer service is VEEERRRYYYY HARD to reach. "Press 1 for phone setting. Press 2 for broadboand, etc" After you pressed a number "Press 1 for....Press 2 for....3 for...." "Press 1 for....2 for...." In the end, "Sorry, our operator is busy now, please try again later." And I have to listen to it for so many times because (1) They kept busy, (2) I can't remember the numbers!!! pek cek! 

Yesterday I wanted to call to upgrade my broadband, and finally it reached. When they picked up the phone the first thing I did was telling them what I want. Then the operator asked my name, broadband number, passport number, etc. "Sorry, our system is down since 10.30pm." Why didn't he tell me earlier but asked me so much question!? =.="

This is my room RM550. The one I said last time was worse, small, without windows RM400. 

I had problems with meals when I just reached there as it's not convenient for me to cook in my place. I don't know what to eat because I think I shouldn't dine in restaurants that often. So I ate bread a lot for lunch and dinner. But after that, through friends, they told me where can I eat cheaper foods and economy rice :) 

 I like set meals every time! The main course comes with a drink (milk tea, tea or coffee) and soup. This is the first time I ordered milk tea in restaurant, I never drink teh C before this lol
Left is Korean noodles. Right is Black Pepper chicken chop and spaghetti. It's really black pepper! *kabooom* really hot!

 From Komugi, a Japanese bakery. It's orange mini bread and raisin mini bread.

 This is what I had been wanting before I come to KL. I must eat Subway till I got bored with it before going back to Brunei!

Brunei only has Takoyaki, and in KL has a lot of yaki-s! 
This is shrimp with mentaiko. Who doesn't love mentaiko!? These balls are super yummy~

A friend brought me to Kucai Lama to have dim sum supper. Ho! A lot of the dim sum I never seen before in Brunei or Miri or anywhere. They have lots of choices and I love this! It's pork rolled with I forgot what's inside but it's heavenly delicious!
Another yummy one is paper wrapped chicken (纸包鸡), it's tastes like BBQ or honey chicken *slurrrp*

 Oh damn I forgot what does this call. It's like a small, harder, thicker murtabak skin filled with the Malaysia traditional Chicken Rendang. Hot & Roll has a lot of choices like Pizza beef wrap, chicken cheese wrap etc. They only make it when you order, so it's hot and nice!

Louisiana Restaurant is a seafood, steak, Cajun style restaurant located at Kelana Jaya. Supposed we wanted to eat the famous Nasi Lemak at another place but it was super jam at 8+ pm on a weekday!!?? :O Bigger country is different.
It has a big lake on my right/beside this restaurant, very nice ambiance with the lights and designs. 

Cajun Lemon Herbal Chicken chop with fries and salad. It tastes awesome!

I have a lousy phone cam.
People like to celebrate their birthdays or any celebrations there, even proposals. They had 5-6 groups of customer that time, and 3-4 celebrated birthday there. So the "band" there kept coming out to sing. 
A lovely place.

 Had my dinner at pasar malam too! Wasn't that convenient to take picture, hehe

I had this just now for dinner. Japanese canned food from Daiso. This is some kind of fish. I'm gonna get more Jap canned foods. It doesn't taste like the typical canned foods in Supermarket, it tastes like...Japan! It's Nihon no firu (Japan's feel)! Supermarket here sells Japan imported foods too.

I see a lot of Japanese stores or foods here, so happy because I love Japanese stuff! Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store is opening soon in Sunway Pyramid, how exciting! I yet to try more foods here because everything seems so attractive and yummilicious to me. 

Are you ready for Halloween? I'm ready~  

(in a deep voice) MUAHAHAHAHA~

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