Monday, October 21, 2013

ChurpOut 2013

When I received the invitation from Churp Churp, I saw the date then I thought "Since I'll be in KL, I should join this year." It was held on last Saturday at Setia City Mall. So Saturday morning, I got myself ready and headed to Sunway taxi station, was excited then I hesitated! I almost back off because I was afraid to take the taxi alone, and the driver asked me back where is Setia City Mall. I was like :O + !!!!. In my mind, SCM is in Klang, so I went to asked the reception to make sure, then she said it's at Shah Alam. Then I was hovering around the mall's entrance thinking if I should go or do I have the guts to go =.="

So I thought, all the taxi drivers in front of the Pyramid are registered then it should be safe. And I had downloaded  "MyTeksi" app so I should know if the driver is bringing me to the right place. Bah, Go saja! The taxi driver was asking me about the direction and asked if I ever been there. I have to act like I'm local right? then I said Yes Yes, you have to go here...then there.... . I actually researched for the location so I agak-agak know la. 

So finally, I made it! Oh ya, another reason that made me really want to go was to meet Cheesie, Audrey and Timothy^^ It's in my bucket list kay~
If you don't know, ChurpChurp is a community for social media influencers. 
I felt like I was in Singapore when I was there, because everything looks so kind. opps...

The booths.

It was a cloudy, rainy day.

The goodies.

 The comic drawers.

 The bloggers selling their pre-loved items.

Audrey the fourfeetnine :) She's really petite so I had to bend down hehe.

Every time I go KL to travel I wish I have fate with Cheesie or any other blogger celebrities whom I know and meet them. But I wasn't lucky enough. 
This time, before I came to KL I was thinking, since I'll be in KL for few months, I hope I can meet Cheesie somewhere and take a pic with her. Can't believe so fast can meet her, just my 5th day in KL!
Everyone's asking "how's meeting Cheesie!?" She's pretty in person too! I told her I'm from Brunei (like she cares) and I wanted to take pic with her so much. ahhahaa like what. :P

Cheesie's booth. And I helped a chaboh to buy the kitty bouquet. 

The bungee.

Timothy Tiah, the co-founder of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. 
When I reached there, the first person I saw was him. But I hadn't calm down from a nervous taxi ride, so I only approached him when I was about to leave. He's easy to be his signature mole. haha that was how I made sure it was him. He was nice and asked my name, although I know he won't remember my name lol  


Met a couch surfer at Churpout then we had a drink before we headed home. 
I thought for long if I should meet a CS too. Since I knew I would be going to Churpout alone, I thought I can meet the CS who are going too. So I asked who's going to the event then he's one the repliers. 

Giza Sunway is a mini outdoor shopping mall.

with bars and clubs. 

I was really nervous and confused that whole day, and only felt relax toward the end of the day, as I had a lot of my first time. First taxi ride alone, first meeting with celebrities alone, first time going to event alone outside my own country, first meeting with a CS, etc. I need lots of courage to do this, u know u know?

Then I learnt that, you need to make effort to make your dream come true. In my case, that is meeting the famous people in KL! If I really back off, I think I'll be regretting like "Haiyo Eahui....why you so coward for your whole life!?" Damn happy, more ticks in my bucket list already.

Next mission is to meet XiaXue, Bong Qiu Qiu, Sophie, Yutakis, or any famous Singaporeans since I'll be going to Singapore every month! 

See ya, lovelies. 

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