Monday, October 14, 2013

Sam Hui 許冠傑- 斤两十足 2013 Encore concert

I went to watch Sam Hui's concert the first day I reach Kuala Lumpur and it was awesome. The lights, the feel, the performance, everything was great. I thought I only know one song of his, then I realised that a lot of the famous songs are sang by him. 

It was really cold in Genting. It rains and the wind is strong and cold.

 I'm holding his poster.

 He kissed the fans when he sang "sek sai nei". The lady fans were so excited. You can watch the video below. 

 His old fans singing with him.

 He's 65 if you're wondering.

It was a great experience and makes me wanna watch more concert. I thought for a long time, before I came to KL, whether to watch Sally Yeh's concert on 9th November or not. Then in the end I decided not to go because I wasn't sure if it's going to be nice to watch and I'm gonna be alone. After watching Sam Hui's then I know concerts are nice to watch! And if you wanna really enjoy the concert, VVIP is definitely worth it! Unfortunately, I have booked my ticket to Singapore on 9th Nov, lol :(

Waiting for Sammi Cheng's concert~~~~

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Uncle Jammer said...

Thanks for sharing on Sam Hui's concert. I watched your video on youtube too... Thanks