Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Recently, YeeLan and I contacted back after 10 years. She left when we were Form 2, after that, we never contact again. We decided to meet up and the first meet is me joining her and her friends to go Miri. It's quite "toink" in the beginning because first, I went to pick up her friend and I had no idea who she is. She was like "OK...this is the first time I sit on a stranger's car." After I picked her, we went to meet YL who I had not seen for 10 years :O I was worried that I couldn't mix with them, since I didn't even know them, and not knowing YL's personality too. But, it turned out really good hehe

This is YeeLan.

Vintage restaurant. It's a homecook kind of restaurant and tea is their popular drink.

 Buttermilk Pork tastes really good and vege. 

 Boss treated us a lil of his 40 years old tea which costs RM1000+

Boss claimed that this tea pot costs a Mercedes, wu nia bo (true or not)???

Went to bridal studio, one of the girls are getting married. 

 We went shopping and sing K! 

 When 5 girls go shopping together lol look at those bags!

Happy to know them and of course glad to meet my ex-classmate again after so long. We just met once then she said she can pick me up from airport when I come back from KL in December, no matter Miri or Bandar. Awww~ How sweet.

That's all for today, xoxo.

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