Monday, July 27, 2009


Staying at hostel for 2 days. Arh, I don't like hostel life.

1. Don't like to share toilet with people. There are hairs on the floor eww...

2. The toilet has only cold water.

3. I bet the kitchen will be dirty and smelly when I move to the permanent room.

I love the Library the most in UBD. It's so big with 5 floors, there is discussion rooms, own study table, and many books!


Nonnie King said...

Trust me, once you bid hostel life goodbye you'll miss it so much that you thought you're crazy.

I mean.. who would like to sleep in a small room with no aircon, wake up and see a lot of girls with messy hair and grumpy face.

Hahhaa. But ya, it'll be fun if you have friends there planning your night-outs or just gossiping in the room.

雅雅 Yaya said...

I start to accept the life of hostel. I cant stand only the toilet in the beginning, but now I think it's ok. But weather todays is so HOT x.x Let's wait for the rainy season