Friday, July 17, 2009

REPLY TO CHRIS: Dream: Floating In The Sky

Had you ever think that you're actually not in your dream when you are flying. The "dream" that you are talking about might be a reality. You might be in your dream NOW reading on my blog.

We control The Sims; We "The Human Being" might be controlled by Guan Ying Ma, Jesus and Allah. They might be the competitor of playing "The Human Being"; and we, the human are playing "The Sims". OK, out of topic.

Let's say in a standard way, our life is divided into 8 and 16 hrs, 8 hrs for sleeping. You are actually dreaming in that 16 hrs, and in your reality life in 8 hrs.
Conclusion: You are sleeping for 16 hrs, and awake for 8 hrs at night.

Have you ever think that you are an autism child? You're living in your world! U think you are reading my blog? NO! you are actually imagining. HAH!

I, sometimes, wonder if I'm an autism child, living in my own world, I see things that people cannot see. We are saying, " That child is autism. He lives in his own world. He laughing with himself, and we don't know why."

Now I tell u why, because we are autism child. We live in our own world where the others don't understand.

You're actually look like this in reality

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