Thursday, July 9, 2009

Love MJ

Damn tired these few days. Went to have lunch with the B-mobile roadshow gang, to fitness zone and to dance practice. Fitness zone has promotions, one of them is: $15 for 15 days, promotion ends on the end of July I guess.

Went to Yoga in the Fitness too. U think this is easy, u try then.

I have accepted by UBD, thanks God.

Watched MJ Memorial, this part is touched :'( :

Al. speaks funnily haha. As he speaks loudy and energi-ly, he sounds like president voting:

I feel so angry to the people. Before MJ was attacked by people, bad comments and jokes. Now, people keep saying the good of him. Too late people!

Love this song:

MJ's style, the singing and dancing is unique. Who can be next him?

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