Monday, July 20, 2009

Sapphire the Best

Tell you, I really cannot stand the sunlight, so I always need a sunglasses. And today, I forgot to bring!!

I love BBQ....chicken!

AFC Talent time! I joined the dancing competition, we are the Sapphire team!

Thanks to those who sponsor. The AFC sponsor the costumes (I guess), Jash Salon sponsor the hair-do, Laneige sponsor the make up.

Laneige (spell correctly?) brought the sets of make up stand? steady ho

There are 4 teams, and we won!
I look like traditional China prostitute, aint me?

The friends came and support

I ( the middle upside down), can only stand for 10 seconds, and my face starts to turn red

Sapphire won in Multimedia, singing, dancing, costume, and OVERALL.

Izan said she will dedicate a song for me and him (the couple) at 8.30pm. haha XD Sekali she forgot =.=


Anonymous said...

pretty,not traditional china dancing diva!! wu


雅雅 Yaya said...

hahah thank u thank u ^^