Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proud to be Malay speaking chinese

Were at Miri, heading to e-Mart to buy chicken, Mal was on the phone with his friend:

Me: Hey, stop talking, we're going to buy chicken

Mal: ...喂,我们要去"找"鸡,你要去吗?(we are going to "look for" chicken, you want to follow?) (another meaning: you want to look for prostitute?)


Mal: 你听到他们在笑吗?你可以帮我"打"吗?(You heard they are laughing? Can you help me to "hit"?)
(another meaning: can you help me to masturbate?)

...and the guys start to think yellow...FYI, he's a Malay who speaks chinese.

He wants to buy cigarettes:

Mal: 我要买 xxxx brand (I want to buy xxxx brand)

Cashier: 你是要什么color? (what colour you want?)

Mal: "底"是要蓝色 (bottom blue colour)

All: =.=

There are more funnier one when he went to the bra shop and asked whether they have his size.

Cashier: I'm sorry, if you want, we have to order.

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