Monday, November 30, 2009

Chloe in Press

Yesterday, Chloe posted on Miri Daily News. Today in Brudirect, Borneo Bulletin, Sin chew and Miri daily again.

When CHLOE becomes an Indie film? =.= CLICK

Local Indie Film Debuts At OGDC

Bandar Seri Begawan - With only a small $2,500 budget, a team of young novices from Kuala Belait has successfully rolled out a local Indie film entitled 'Chloe,' which tells the story of a 14year-old girl going through her teenage years in the face of peer pressure and rocky relations with her young mother.

Members of the cast, crew, and invited guests turned up at the Seria Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) to catch the free screening on Saturday evening.

The talented Emily On plays the lead character, and over 20 students volunteered their time to ensure the success of the film.

Director Chris Chong, 27, said spending two years towards planning and shooting the film provided him with much experience, and further tested his cinematography and video-editing skills.

I am inspired by short films produced by young filmmakers in Malaysia and I also hope to motivate youngsters keen on film-making, he added.

Armed with only three CCD video cameras, the team successfully produced the film which captures several areas of interest in Kuala Belait, such as the OGDC Science Centre, Chung Ching Middle School and Rivera Café.

During the screening the director expressed his gratitude towards the cast and crewmembers for their commitment and patience in making the film.

Chong plans to produce more short films and hopes to get the support of local-film enthusiasts and production houses.

To attract overseas interest, Chris will post several scenes from the film on video networking site, YouTube. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

And I went to Jayd's flicker and saw that he writes "Brunei's first Indie Chinese Movie". Then I went to dictionary and checked.

Indie= a small independent company, especially one that produces popular music

So desu...

Paiseh paiseh...english not good.

I thought it's india film.

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Jayden said...

haha ~ same here too. i checked dictionary for what indie is too. the author must have a good command of english. learnt new words.