Sunday, November 8, 2009

Masquerade Gala Night

Welcome Yaya and partner!
Wow, today she's wearing checkers red bubble dress. Isn't that limited edition costing $200,200?

The only chinese in Featuring Dancerz.

Wanted to act like superstar, wind blowing hair...
But end up so funny...look at his hair XD

Changing room damn hot, lucky I have my mini fan.

The local artists, Puteri and....

Some of their dress costs $400+, $600+...wu~
Still I win wa, $200,200.

Partner, Justin

The reunion of long lost twin brothers.
The bro in white is now a dancer...

And the bro in black is now a singer, Rain.

I was in front of the stage not even 1 hr, and I have to get ready at the back stage.
Lucky ming was there to accompany my Leng Zai.
It's a great night for me, but boring for them W/O me accompany them.

Great night coz...
Everything went smoothly.
Friends and leng zai were there to help me.
I forgot to bring my dance legging, leng zai brought me back to get it.

Last minute-ly, I need tube, leng zai went out and bought it.
Not all guys willing to buy it, coz it's a girl's stuffs, and it's near to bra section XD

I didn't get to watch the magic!
It sounds cool!!!!!
Too bad~

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