Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That glance recalled me...

Oh ya, wanna share so funny my bro-s are...

Last Sunday, 3 parents called to my home and said,
"My son received a note having ur address, phone number, date and time, but didnt mention what function it is."

My mom was blurred and asked my 8 yrs old bro what he done.

My bro: I wrote address, phone number, today's date at time- 11am to 3pm, inviting my friends to come and play. I wrote to 7 of them.

Oh great, and only 3 of them called and we told the parents, it's not a party and we were going to Bandar in the noon.

Kek dao huh?

Because he wants his friends to come over and play.
But who knows he wrote the date and time w/o asking my mom's permission.

He done many things like tat which we doubt that should we laugh or angry.

There was one time, he even told the tuition teacher that my mom involved in a car accident and dropped into the drain.
My mom was blurred when the teacher asked that was she OK.


Ok, my 16 years old bro.

Yesterday he wanted to called his friend, and he asked my parents how to miss call.

I heard that he told my mom, "Daddy said that, you call and wait for him/her to cancel the call. That's what Miss Call is."

I was =.=. Miss call also don't know.
And they were discussing HOW TO MISS CALL.


I almost involved in a car accident!!!!!!!
A very scary one!

I saw he signaled left lor...when I went out from the junction, he drove straight!
Lucky he horned to wake me up, and I press GO kuat kuat.
Lucky he turned to another side a bit.
Man! 1 cm nia...
That glance brought me back the feel of the car accident in 2007, it was from the side too.

I guess that left signal is when he took over car, and I thought he wanted to turn left.

Must be the relatives in heaven protecting me

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