Monday, November 16, 2009

Love weekend

Thursday back to Seria.

Friday went to Miri for braces and facial.
I love new things (depends), I always think the new products I get is effective. And when I use it for more than 2 weeks, "Not effective anymore."
Got a sample of aloe vera mask, put it in fridge. Owh, cold and nice~
Use sample is enough.
Save up $ and go laser next time.

Saturday morning had my Japanese oral test.
Noon had BBQ with Featuring dancers at Muara Beach.

Waiting for them, they said 2pm, but they arrived at 3.20pm.

Finally they came, and rain is coming!!

Urh, and changed to Zayn's house. But I didnt go, coz at night have to attend a dinner.
Lucky that I didnt go to bandar purposely just because of the BBQ.
Unlucky that I can actually go back home early.
No one's fault, no one hopes this to happen.

Sunday, went to watch 2012 with family and Hua at cineplex mall.
NICE! VERY NICE if u watch it in cinema.
Almost fell asleep in the beginning of the movie,
but the end is excited, funny, nervous, pity and touched.
2 hr 30 min movie...

Busy weekend,
I should go study now

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