Monday, November 23, 2009

U r 1+1=0

Dooot, this is a hard one. I feel shouting and teach X how to do business.
If u know me, I won't backstab people, but shoot in front of the face instead.
If someone say, "Yaya say something about u." 1st u think carefully whether I told u about that matter; 2nd, he/she's lying.

Ya, I just can't stand it looking at those situation, and not telling them how to do.

If u are studying nursing, don't think that u will become a nurse in the future.
If u're studying teaching, don't think that u will become a teacher,
if u're studying business, and get good grades, don't think that u will be a successful businessman. Why do I say that? Because whatever u said these days have proved that you will NOT become a successful boss.
You study mentally, but u don't use it physically.

and yea, I feel like teaching you how to do business.
Opps, I did tell u how, but u never listen to me.

And u not only killing urself, but murdering someone else too.

Have an A level qualification, so what.
Degree, so what.
Even PMB knows how to solve the problem.
Ur cert-s, burn it la!

whoot, a bit comfortable.
Sorry, don't mean to be MEAN to you, but urh, u should have know what is OK and not OK.

Back to study

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雅雅 Yaya said...

Shut up if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I always like to describe things instead of saying it directly.

Im narrow? Oh please. Even professional think the same thing as us.

You know what I'm talking about meh? Ask me 1st before u judge. Don't think u're always right.

FYI, when I say someone is stupid, doesn't mean that I'm not stupid too.
i never say I'm clever.

I'm actually not angry, just because someone not only giving problem to him/herself, but gave a problem to my bf!

I have weakness, you have too.