Friday, October 12, 2012

My week in photos

Last week was Pondok Sari Sangi's menu photo shoot. Guess they are releasing new menu soon. So I went to pay a visit...and eat :D

My hostel has bad connection, so I've been searching for a place with good wifi. 
I like Gripps more than Coffee bean because they have more foods :) So I can eat and work.

 Played with Jayden's dambo.

Then my family had lunch at Empire last Sunday. The foods are always almost the same, so I didn't take much pics.

Jerry's cheese!

Pasta Corner

Feeding the very cute Ee Ding. 
Went swimming before that, so hair super dry ><

I swam at Empire's country club. Really OMG! The indoor pool is super dirty and has few rolls of hair floating on the water. Will not go there again, rather go to the outdoor one.

Then went to Travel Fair.

Super no mood this week. Been eating and eating. 

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