Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Halloween 2012

What's so great about Halloween is that you can dress anything, wear the crazy eye lashes that is hardly to be worn in the normal days and not afraid of make up gone wrong!

This was last year as a combination of vampire and devil =.= I couldn't smile else it looks weird and funny.
Got this costume from Barely There, but it is closed now so this year's Halloween is kinda headache for me ><

I wanted to dress as a Chinese doll in cheongsam, but cheongsam in Brunei is so hard to find =.="

Anyway, I ended up becoming a Playboy...and not vampire please! Someone stated that I dressed as a vampire.
...and I love my lashes :)
...and at least I can smile with my costume this year.

Good effort of them decorating the place, have the "feel"!

The best make up!

2 Playboy in the house!

This is when we all said to Goh "Please try to open your eyes!" 

I find this funny. 2 creepy stuffs singing together lol

My long lost childhood friend!

My Cantonese songs partner.

Happy Halloween! 

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