Monday, October 8, 2012

The Face Shop's Club 20

One of my uni assignments is to interview The Face Shop, and they were going to launch their new product Club 20

Club 20:
- It is specially for students of age 13 to 24
- The Club 20 VIP card offers 20% off on Club 20 products.
- Entitled to 25% off every 15th and 25th of the month.

So most of our course mates in UBD joined this event, even the guys. 

If you are from age 13-24, you can try to go and ask about it, may be the event is still going on, and you can get the card and few samples for free. 

We were invited with the invitation card. 

The staffs explained how keeping beauty/young is important, the proper ways to use the skin cares and make up, the use of their products, etc. 

The 3 models trying on the skin care and make up.

It was funny when the guys were doing it.

I was putting skin care on her.

I was nervous when I wanted to curl her eye lashes, and that made her nervous too because the staff hurt her eye lid a bit when doing the demo.

While completing the make up on the girls, the guys were analysing their skin.

One of the models with her full make up. The staffs were saying she looks like Korean. Yes, she is. :)

Shimmy looking pretty with make up on. But she didn't feel comfortable with it. lol
She's holding the free samples that we got.

They are the Korean-Trained Make Up Artist. 

It was kinda boring in the introduction because I dislike sitting and just listening, just like my uni lectures >< But introduction is always a must to brief everyone what the event is about. 
That's why I raised up my hand to volunteer to do the make up on Shimmy, at least I didn't need to sit there for 2 whole hours. 
Anyway, it was fun overall, especially when we laughed at others lol 
And we were on the Chinese press according to my dad. 

Oh ya, if giving out free VIP card is over, you can purchase $10 to get the card. Happy shopping at Face Shop :)

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