Thursday, April 29, 2010

11 Degree

I suppose wanted to post this on Sunday, but was too lazy to get my cam from upstairs.

Went to 11 Degree, went there the 2nd time last Sun.
The 1st time I went, I ate dim sum. I actually forgot how it tastes.
Their dishes are not bad. The chefs are from China.

11 Degree Latte, tastes like....latte.

The dumplings.
I don't like it because it's a bit too oily and spicy.

Yesterday went to ketua kampong's house to have my hostel form signed.
I was called IDIOT by him because I stepped his corridor using my slippers.
I didn't see any signboards, didn't know I need to take off my slippers, because last year everyone wore slippers. =.=
It is a Muslims rules he said. Because they need to pray??? :/

I spoiled my car!! :'( COL (cry out loud)
I parked my car...and because I was afraid that I will bang to my mom's so I just went fro and back repeatedly, and in the end "booooom" and "scraaaatch" sound.
Wonder how my dad reacts later he come back.

My mom made popia using Vietnam's popia skin.
taste weird for us, not used it wa.
Guess we are more used to the local's skin.
Vietnam's skin is like a paper. They become soft when they are put in water. Even u bite it, its like biting elastic paper? U taste it.

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