Sunday, April 4, 2010

Winner is me

If u read borneo bulletin on Friday, then U can see this.

She's so pretty! I read the caption and it said that it's a robot waitress! How can a robot be that pretty!
No, she's not robot. hahahahhahaha told by sim.
It's in a Japanese restaurant in Thailand, and everything is robot-intensive.

Today's Table Tennis Brunei open tournament, I can win, but I lost!
I know u'll say that it's nothing special that I lost. But u know the feeling that U know u can, but u lost. kek sim...
When I'm improving, people are also improving.
I won in the beginning, and I started to feel afraid that I will miss the ball.
I was afraid, nervous, and not enough trained yet.

Before, without a proper training and practice, no matter how much I lost, I don't feel anything. And I insisted that I don't even have the 'sports gene'.
But this morning, when I entered the complex, looking at those familiar faces, I felt so paiseh and embarrassing.
I can feel that they were saying, "You again!?" or "Yes! she's here, the match must be easy."
Yee won, why I cant? 羡慕...
I hope there's another tournament for me to practice my brave-ness and skill before playing PSK.
I want to WIN!!!

Next week will be double. I never partner with my partner before, hope we have 默契.

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Anonymous said...

hey ea hui, i did read the newspaper on that day.. but if i din remember wrong. the newspaper mention the first robot in a japanese restaurant which is in thailand. the lady is human if i'm not mistaken plus she's the owner oso a thailander. the robot is behind her. look carefully.. HAHAHA sorry if i'm wrong.. hahahahaha