Saturday, April 24, 2010

My day

Oh great! Love uni because they always have revision week, and we can concentrate study for our exams. Gonna make good use of this week.

Something very kek sim. One of my assignments was received by the lecturer late, but actually have sent him on time. UBD mail so not efficient! Hope he doesnt deduct marks.
Another assignment I did submit the hardcopy, and yet lecturer said didn't receive? What can I do? I oni can hope she doesn't give me zero.

利菁 said, 女生会担心,如果化妆,怕男朋友会介意卸妆前和卸妆后的样子而不理你。可是如果完全不化妆,男朋友才真的不理你你!理都不想理。
Ladies will sometimes worry that if they make up, the boyfriend will mind about their look after make-up is removed. But if a lady doesn't do any make up, the boyfriend really doesn't even want to care about u.
hah! make up to attract guys ya.

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