Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life's great, u know?

I do not have a proper lunch since this monday. I ate bread and cookies for lunch, and only have a proper dinner.
Ei? Monday was just yesterday! But it seems like I was suffering for a long time.
Because this afternoon, I found that my instant noodle had finished, and I only have tuna left :(

Ming them is coming up Bandar, so I'm going to have dinner with them later.
I wanna eat seafood creamy! Let's see...

I like to be busy with the things that I like to do, not the things that I don't like to do. *a bit fei I know ^^*
I don't like to type essay ba. 6 pages of essay, what can I write?
I don't like to type report ba. I always got the hard topic.
I don't like to find info from books ba. The books are thick.
I don't like to exam ba, small test is enough xD
I don't like to do assignment till late night ba, my skin needs to sleep.
Life's hard, but great huh?
Life's short so appreciate.

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