Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday Night

Last Saturday was Huey Lu's birthday, we ate at Sawadee Restaurant at Gadong. It's a Thai restaurant.

Thai foods are almost the same la. Sour and spicy.
This is Phad-tai. I wonder what phad-tai means. They are always delicious.
Phad-tai is famous in the Thais, written in the menu.
I prefer the Nur wanita's phad thai.
Sawadee's is nice, but not my taste. Because it is spicy.

This is tom yam soup lo.
It's always sour like what other Thai restaurants have.

I know, I know, I look nerd.
It's a bling bling glasses, but not obvious in the pic.
I wanted to buy the white diamond, but the shape of the frame doesnt match me.

The above nice pics and without date are taken by Desmond.
Pics with lousy lighting and weird angle are mine.

On that day, I also go around Gdg area to search for phones and compare prices.
It's totally not what I have planned.
I always dream of having a N97 because I think the design is cool that the screen is a bit lift up. I then give up N97 because there are lots of complain saying it's lag.
I planned not to buy phones from Dee Jay, because I heard something bad about them. But in the end I bought from them.
I picked some phones and compare here and there for quite a long time, I compared HTC HD2, iPhone, X10 and SE vicaz.

HTC HD2- Nice but too big. Got almost the same functions as iphone and Xperia; a bit more expensive than Xperia OUT

iPhone- recommended by most of my friends. Good for playing games, but I don't think I will play games always. Almost same functions as Xperia but more expensive. No bluetooth OUT

Vivaz- Screen is smaller. Don't like the design OUT

X10- Satisfy the size of the screen; can online, play games, cam, wiFI, bluetooth, fast loading, cool design, nice colour YES

I was headache choosing phones, I don't which one to buy. What's the term again when someone always has the difficulties to make decision?
I was worry X10 doesn't suit me, or I don't suit X10? hahahaha
I worry its not a good phone for me, bla bla bla
I worry how my dad thinks and feels if I buy, although my dad said it's ok to buy iphone.
I'm scared my mom will kill me buying such an expensive phone, but that's the only phone I like.
My SE Z550i was getting crazier that day, it kept auto off ba, and some functions are not functioning. So I think I better get a new hp asap.

Overall,why I worry so much because I never buy such an expensive thing in my entire life. I never buy a phone, it's always my dad who choose for me.
I actually requested from my dad that I want to choose my new hp myself, but, aiya, got real difficulties in making decision.
But with my dad beside me, I believe there's a higher possibility that I will make wrong decision, because my dad not patience to wait for me to choose for hours. HAHAHA know how pity Hua is, had to keep accompany me and explain to me the differences of the phones.

Like Hua said, "I never see people buying phones with full of stress, I thought it's something that should be happy of."
Not stress ba, scared to make wrong decision, it's not something cheap le.
"Just sell it to me if not satisfy."

How long did I choose? until the shop is closed, baru I "gan guan" to make my decision.

Im still satisfy it and love it at the moment la.
Fast and smooth connection GOOOOD!
This is my birthday present from my dad, btw.

2008, my dad bought B-mobile broadband for me. So ngam that time is the launching of broadband and it was a hit.

2009, my dad bought me a car, because need it when I study at UBD. So ngam again.

2010, so ngam my phone damaged. HAH!

I don't hope my dad to spend so much on me la, but, so ngam wa xD

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