Thursday, April 1, 2010

高凌风的 "你就像那一把火!"

OH NO! I did something so so wrong. I told myself that I must control!! But it was just too disgusting, I can't stand it and cannot control my itchy hands and ''tuuuuutt", I did it which I never want to x.x
I'm too paiseh tomention, just figure it out if u want, it something very public.

I'm very mang zhang recently. Today too.

For today, I'm so angry that I ate 3 packets of instant noodles. I don't like ba. Afternoon I eat nevermind, but at night I eat again!? ridiculous xD
It happened like that: Ah Hua said we are going out for dinner, so I said OK~ and told my dinner mates that I'm not eating. But last minute then say cannot make it because have to work!!??
Not blaming him, but very angry ba, instant noodle is my nightmare~

I still have so much to complain! But after I complain, readers will comment me saying I'm too short-tempered.
I have to maintain my elegant style *eyes close, nose up* hmph!

So mang zhang because everything that has planned, in the end not jadi! mang zhang not?
Please send me ah Beng to cheer me up.

I'm not sure when do I have this habit that I will forget to bring my phone with me, either left in my room or in the car.

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