Friday, January 18, 2013

My hobby is working part time

I was working on my part time job and now taking a break for a while, else my hand and fingers are gonna break. I always enjoy working on my part time. 

I started to earn side income when I was 13. I experienced a lot of part time and never stop working until last year because I had my internship for 6 months and another 6 months I was really busy in uni. 

Sometimes my friends would ask me what I'm busy about? And they would tell me they have financial difficulties. I would recommend them to find a part time if their school works are not too heavy. I normally work for flexible jobs, and each job lasts for a short period. I don't really experience work stress yet because those are just mini and easy works, and it's my hobby to work part time, I'm always happy working

I don't really earn much because most of them are mini jobs, so I earn little by little. I have friends who earn more work for direct sales, tuition tutors or their expertise, for eg, photography. 

When I was in high school, at the age of 13 to 17, I sell stuffs to earn commission. My customers were all my school mates lol. I sold fashion accessories, valentine gifts and etc that I don't really remember. 
Then I sold pirated cds. I bought empty cds and friends would give me the list of songs they want. I seriously earned a lot from there as I have 2 loyal customers. One who always had singing competitions and need the Minus 1 version of songs; and another who always gave me a list of 20-40 music albums after I done burning each of them. 

When I was 17-19, I helped a friend to sell fashion clothes and earned by commission. Was kinda tough, and I was trying various ways to let people know that I was selling clothes. 

When I was 18-19, I worked in Baiduri Bank Card Centre. Then I realised I'm not an office person. They hired me because they need people to arrange their stuffs, so my work was kinda boring so I yawned a lot, and fell asleep a lot. There was one time I couldn't stand it anymore, I couldn't and didn't dare to sleep in the office, so I went to my car and nap for 10 min. Unfortunately, someone found me sleeping in the car lol Luckily, that was my friend. 

When I was 19 until now, I sometimes will receive work from an IT company. Then I work mostly using laptop or computer. I do most of my work at the clients' office, so I experienced quite a few working environments. 

When I was 22 which was last year, I worked in RBA as a clerk in Customer Relations Section. 

I sometimes work in fairs or events when the company is lack of people to work. I experienced working for GHK roadshow, body guard the Indonesian singers =.=", and a lot of more events.
I also helped a pregnant woman to take maternity photographs, of course pictures are not professional and I did tell her that I had no experience. 
I did direct sales

The worst experience was being a sales person. Those kind which you need to approach people, explain the details and sell to them. I met rude people. I met people who did not want to listen to me. When it comes to sales, I'm really suck in it. Somehow you need some thick face and fast moving brain to deal with clients. I need more training in this field. 

I always receive mini jobs whenever a company is lack people to work. Maybe for some of you, these may not consider part time but it's a part time for me doing all these works because I really put effort to do them. 
I appreciate all the experiences the bosses gave me, good and bad one. I'm glad that I have a little experiences in different kinds of work because I can work for everything. I learn from mistakes every time.

It's my hobby to work all these part time jobs and freelances. It relaxes my mind from long hours of studying and hectic course works.

If every thing goes smooth, I may manage an online boutique and work as a make up artist with qualified certificates as my part time ^^ Dreaming is the first step to success.

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