Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What to EAT in Singapore?

Since I haven't work and still studying, so I don't do luxurious travelling....yet, partially budget and also wanna enjoy good foods too! YOLO! 

These are the foods I tried in Singapore.

I took my first meal at Ramen Champion at a Shopping Mall at Bugis
You can choose your preferred chef and order your foods. 

One of the chef's No.1 pork ramen.
The egg is nicely cooked, the pork, ramen and soup are good.
Quite expensive, costs around $16.00+.

and the gyoza.


This is one of the best restaurants I've tried. They have few branches, I have this at Bugis.
They are famous of their Peri-Peri Chicken and their sauces.

You can choose the level of spiciness. 

Chicken burger and you can choose 2 side dishes. 

Grilled chicken.

The sauce is so nice that I bought one home.Costs S$5.50 each.


Hotel breakfast:

Yogurt lovers would love to have unlimited yogurt offered by the hotel.

Smoked salmon sashimi burger. Awesome!

Pancake with bacon.


You can find this ice cream booth everywhere I guess? This is at China Town.
I eat this everytime when I go Singapore.

It's crackers with ice cream. 

You see how famous is this ice cream? Long Q ah!
This is at Orchard. 


This is the food street at China Town.

The home made fish balls kolo mee. 

I love oyster omelet! 


We were wandering at Vivo City looking for our best option of restaurant for dinner.
There were a lot that I wanna try but we couldn't eat so much at a time right?

The suddenly I saw something that attracted me at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan that I said I must eat!
I had been wanting to eat but I wasn't sure where to eat that! And now I finally found!

Google image

This pattern much milk tea.

La Mian with Spicy Chicken, Preserved Egg & Cucumber is Sze Chua style 重庆口水鸡捞面
This is sluurpy delicious! *sluuuurp*

This is the reason why I ate here!!! Xiu Long Bao is my all time favourite. 
I've been wanting to eat this 8 flavours xiu long bao ever since long long time ago. It's totemo oishii desu!
But somehow after eating few of the xiu long bao the tastes starting to mix up. I like the cheese one!


鲁肉饭 at Yuri at Sentosa. 
This is just so-so only. 


Before, I thought Subway is a kind of transportation or something, so I never try to even approach it. I never thought it sells sandwiches.


There are few ten thousands of Subway in this world and has been shortlisted as the fastest growing franchise in the world but Why Brunei doesn't have Subway!!??

You can choose your own ingredients, you can make your own sandwich even though it's not in the menu.

I ordered ham and turkey with cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and the awesome egg mayo!

Loving it.


Google image
Tried this seems-like-popular-kebab because of the long Q, Shiraz Mazzeh.
It's at Orchard Road.
They have tables and chairs so you can actually dine there. 

Ordered the lamb one. Not bad but I think the onion is too much because I don't eat onion.
You can  request for lesser onion :)


I always heard 鸡蛋仔 Egglet in the TV, so I ordered a chocolate one.
Nothing special or very delicious, I thought it's gonna be like Takoyaki, but it's not.
It's just like a waffle. 
This is at a Shopping Mall named Jurong Point at Boon Lay. (It's 1 hr MRT ride from Bugis, I think I have traveled all around Singapore already lol)


Eat At Taipei is at a shopping mall named JCube at Jurong East.

This 招牌 seafood toast is yuuuuummmyyy! I like the milky soup and the toast is stuffed by scallops, squids, prawns and....etc etc seafoods.

Chicken bento.

Sweet potato tau fu hua. I don't really like this, I'm not a tau fu hua fan. 

I have my way to choose my best options of restaurants. That is to choose the restaurants with a lot of customers. Sometimes you may have to Q but it could mean that's a good restaurant. It may worth the wait. 
The speed of foods served is quite fast in Singapore even though the restaurant is full house. So you don't need to be afraid of waiting too long.
Singapore has too much good foods, or may be because I feel bored of Brunei foods already ><

Have a try on the good foods I introduced next time you go Singapore. Some have franchises in other countries :)

I love foods, I love to eat!

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