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Where to SHOP in Singapore?

Every woman loves shopping, even for men okay. Before going to Singapore, I had been thinking where to shop and what to buy.
Every time I travel by myself or with friends, I'll shop a bit more :) As I don't really dare to buy stuffs in front of family, then I'll sometimes go back Brunei with regrets.

As I asked my Singapore friends, they said I kinda travel all around Singapore already, I have already gone to the should-go. Let me introduce you the shopping places in Sg!

China Town 牛车水

Most of the shops sell Chinese stuffs like calligraphy tools, Chinese new year stuffs, Chinese antiques, etc.

Wanted to get a Chinese stamp of my name, but didn't get to see my likings.

Cold coconut drink on a hot day, syok!

There have western food stalls too, but not much.

Buddhist temple

This is where I eat the ice cream with crackers.


Vivo City

Vivo City is consider lower high class shopping mall.
They have Adidas, L'occitane, Sephora, etc. I went there during the year end so they have lots of sales.
They have a lot of nice restaurants too, I had my 8 flavors xiu long bao there. 

At the top floor of Vivo City.



Orchard Road

The shopping malls at Orchard Road are mostly high class, that sells LV, Prada, Miu Miu, Dickson Watch, etc.
Another reason that people want to go to there during the year end is to see the beautiful lights.

A lot of street shows.

So pretty the pink Christmas Tree.

Look at that Q, and inside they have the zig zag Q somemore, so the Q is actually veeeeeeeery long. I shall try their ice cream one day. 

Long Q at another ice cream booth.

Far East Plaza is located at Orchard Road too, beside Grand Hyatt. 
It is a medium class shopping mall that sell cheaper stuffs, suitable for teenagers or young adults.
People who don't shop luxuriously may find some stuffs there.


Mustafa Centre

It's located at Little India and open 24 hrs. You can go there anytime and no matter how late there are still a lot of people shopping there.
They have everything, like seriously EVERYTHING! Cosmetics, electronics, clothes, goldsmith, pharmacy, furniture, you name it!

It is too big that they have few entrances, I think they have 6?

What shampoo you want? Just name it. 
If you're afraid the stuffs are not original, don't worry, they are all genuine. 

Supplement for which part of your body, name it. 

I was surprise to see this, gold smith. 
They have washing machines too. Seriously, I cannot think of anything that they don't have.


Jurong Point

It is located at Boon Lay. About one hour MRT ride from Bugis. 

I think normal tourist won't go there, unless for special reason, or may be they have friends there? It's another good place to shop too. It's medium class shopping mall. 
The reason I go there is because I wanted to visit a funny chocolate shop, that sells boobs shaped chocolate, sanitary pad mash mallow, etc. 


JCube Shopping Mall

It's located at Jurong East, nearby Boon Lay. Another good place to shop too. They have restaurants, boutiques, cosmetic shops, watch shops, ice skating, etc. 

I went there few hours before leaving Sg, so I'm kinda tired and had enough shopping already. So just went for a visit and dine there. 

It's real ice so it's kinda cold in there. 



A place for teenagers.

When you walk around there, Bugis has quite a lot to shop. They have a budget section, they have shopping malls too, they have a Buddhist street with a temple where thousands of people holding the burning prayer sticks, I wonder how they breath. 

The budget section, they have few floors , the ground floor is always very packed.
I got most of my clothes there. Most of the clothes are S$10-S$20 and are not allowed to try. Urgh...

I like to try on clothes before I buy, I don't wanna feel like it's a waste to buy something that is not fit, but I took the risk, bought few and they are all okay. phew~

Bugis Junction 

I bought most of my stuffs at Bugis, from the boutiques and Watsons! 

If you're wondering why I can't just shop at Miri Watson, because there are a lot of products not sold at Miri Watson. 

Compare to a normal girl, this is consider little, I know. 

The Nando's sauce! They have a Extra Extra Hot one, but I didn't get one. Hot is enough for me.

This is the funny chocolate shop that I mentioned above. The shop name's Sophisca.
They are not cheap x.x 
I took a long time to find this shop, like I walked around the whole mall but couldn't find it. It's at the ground floor in case you're interested. 

Wanted to buy a better watch actually, but couldn't find the one I like.
So bought this cheap fashion watch bracelet that lasts not even a week =.="

Gifts and cosmetics

Loreal Youth Code Eye Essence
Taking care of our eyes is so important because it ages fastest and makes you look old if you don't take good care of it. It's important especially for ladies who do eye make up a lot.
I've been using eye gels since I was 18 or 19 because I make up my eyes a lot. I've been using Laneige one, and I'm gonna try Loreal. 
It smooths fine lines around eye contour, lighten dark circles, reduce eyelid puffiness, firm and hydrate eye contour.

Loreal Youth Code Boosting Essence
This regains youthfulness and radiance in your skin.
I wanna look young~~~ and look like forever 21 even tough I'm 50. Possible? x.x

Loreal Lipstick.

I wanna introduce you another Loreal product, that is the gel eyeliner. It's good that it is ranked the best gel eyeliner brand. *thumbs up*

Other eye products
1. Naruko eye gel is produced by 牛爾, a famous Taiwan beautician. You can Google it. The brand has good reviews. I bought this from Miri.
2. Leaders Hydrogel Eye Patch. Leaders is a good brand too. Take good care of your eyes, ladies!
3. A lot more eye make up that I bought from Sasa and Watson.
4. Maybelline's limited edition mascara that lengthens volumize everlasting your lashes. 

Introducing you the awesome facial wash that I've been using for more than a year, Biore Marshmallow Facial Wash.
Biore is another good brand too especially for their make up remover.
Other facial washes that I used are okay, may be not much different on the skin after using them, they may not worsen your skin too.
But this Biore facial wash I can feel the smoothness on my skin. It smells good too. It doesn't make your skin dry like some facial washes do, it actually smoothen and improve skin texture.  
That's why I buy so much and been using for so long!

Bought a Matte nail polish and OPI one too.
Few masks for hands and feet.

Went to a super cute gift shop that sells creative gifts. 
One of the stuffs I bought is this magnetic blackboard that comes with cute magnets, chalks and duster. I'ma hang this on my door so my house mates can leave notes for me ^^

Hello Kitty collection. 
From left: Kitty candies, Kitty ornament candies, Kitty eye shadow.

Bag from Miss Sixty and Wallet from Perllini. 
They are so perfect isn't it?

Can hold a lot of cards. 

I'm a happy girl ^^

How do I shop? 
I know some ladies shop for everything, no matter if they need it or not. But I'm not that kind.

I'm a kind who is clear of what I want. I will buy that thing if I really like it, like no doubt or second thought, unless it's an expensive thing.
If it's something that I spend for more than 2 min thinking whether to buy or not, as the thing has some weaknesses, it's not perfect then it's not what I want. 

Sometimes thing comes with few colors and if all colors are nice, damn it, it makes a headache for me as I'm not the kind who wants to buy all colors of the same thing. I think it's not necessary. Unless I'm super rich may be I'll consider buying all so I don't even need to think. 
There was one time, a girlfriend of mine wasn't sure which color of heels to buy, then the boyfriend said "Buy both then." Then the girl said "Ok, I'll take both!" I envy looo...

I hope I didn't miss-introduce any shopping places :)

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