Monday, January 28, 2013

Popin' Cookin'

This is made by Japan which you can make and eat. 
I bought this in Singapore for S$11 if not mistaken. They have different kinds, got Donuts, Ice cream, Ramen etc. I bought the sushi set.

The powders and tools.

The tool for making the sushi.

The box has instructions in Japanese. It also has pictures, so for those who don't know Japanese can guess the instructions.
First, have to fill water.

Then put powder. Different powder in different slots because of the slot sizes and the shapes. 
When I pour the powder, the smell is very sweet. It made me wonder if it can be eaten. 
I can read Japanese *proud*, and it says Make and Eat!
But I didn't dare to eat. I did ate a little, it's sweet and it does feels like it's edible, but still, in sushi shapes, it's kinda weird. 

This is the rice.
The powders are sugar by the way.

One of the powders made this, the fish eggs. Amazing and cute!
When I touch it, the feel is like real eggs. Nice to eat too. 

The complete sushi set.
It's fun and amazing seriously. 
Those are made from powders of sugar, can you imagine? The creation of the content made the powders to have different effects after mixing with the water. 

It's fun to play. Can have a try if you guys get to buy this. 

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