Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year Resolution

It's 2013 and I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year, and I'm getting older =.= I have to be optimistic to tell myself, "It's ok, those are just numbers." 

My new year resolution:

1. Don't do last minute revise and work! I wanna study earlier and able to sleep during exam period.

2. Enjoy last semester in Uni. Final year is stressful and I wanna enjoy it! I wanna enjoy the time being with my uni mates and hostel mates. I cannot imagine the day we are being separated and have different directions, some wanna complete Masters, some wanna work, some wanna do something else, I'll cry. 

3. Enjoy life more. I don't wanna let the sad, anger and stress to waste my time and put me down. I wanna be healthy and happy with positive energy. I wanna smile to stressful life :) Ganbatte kudasai!

4. To be a neater person. Sometimes I can put things anywhere and tidy up when things got really messy.

5. To learn new things. I love learning.

I think...that's it. Happy New Year! New year new life :D

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