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Where to VISIT in Singapore?

This post will be a bit touristy. I've been to Singapore few times, but never visit these places. Some are interesting and some are boring but worth experiencing :)

This is a hotel at Little India, Wanderlust. 
Was attracted by their interior so went in to kepo kepo.

Their interior isn't classy nor modern. It looks like their furniture are made by recycled stuffs, a bit antique and the whole interior design looks really cool. 

Look at that salon chair.

The reading area. The books are so cool but too bad, it's not free or for sale.
They have funny singlish books, books about the buildings at Little India, magazine about the theme hotels like theirs, etc.

Another antique salon chair.

The bar. 
They have a eating area/restaurant behind this bar. I heard from a friend that a lot of people chill at there at night, not sure is it the locals or tourists. But it's kinda merry at night. 


Little India

There's not much to shop or see or do at Little India. The only interesting one is the 24hrs Mustsfa Shopping Centre I mentioned at my previous post. Basically, it's a small town with a lot of Indians and small shops selling mostly Indian things. 

You can see the name "Dickson" appear a lot at Little India, like Dickson restaurant, Dickson Road, etc.


Forgot where is this. They were singing acapella. Came across quite a few singing groups singing at shopping centres or streets. 


Universal Studio

Although this is the second time I go to Universal Studio, but surprisingly, I got new experiences during the visit. I played those thrill that I didn't get to play during the first time, and they also have the new section, Transformer. Click to read my first time at USS. 

It's not a good idea to go there during festive seasons or on a public holiday. You have to Q almost everywhere, but that's normal. But every Q takes at least 1 hour! 

FYI, if you wanna visit Universal Studio, it's better to buy the ticket online, or else you need to Q for hours there to buy a ticket. Better to buy earlier because they have limit tickets for a day, especially during the peak season. A ticket costs S$74.

The mummy.

It's real orange skin and the ice cream is quite nice. I don't really eat ice cream, but this is the kind I like. 

This is the Waterworld Show.

They really can entertain the audience and make the audience wet before the show starts. 

They are performing the story of a movie, Waterworld.

Played this. Doesn't look that scary but quite kik also.

This thing really freaked me out. Normally this ride is just like touring, but...

...it has a hidden slide!
We were laughing how this game is making money because they are selling raincoat with few very kik words "You will get wet. You may get soak". Really get wet de lo...but what's the fun wearing a raincoat and not get wet!

The Transformer section. 

Got really wet after the ride.

We were Q-ing for the Transformer 4D battle fight ride. Q-ed for about 2 bloody hours. When we thought it's almost there, WRONG! There is always another zig zag Q.
However, this is really worth the Q, the best ride ever in my life. We were sitting inside Evac's head and watched and felt him fighting. It's not the normal 4D. This can really make you feel and scream and make you close your eyes then you will realise it's all fake. 

Musical Waterfall at Sentosa


After the fun at Universal Studio, we got ready to celebrate the X'mas!

First station: Clark Quay

It was really crowded and all the bars/pubs were full. We had to wait for people to leave and grab their seats. 

A cocktail is a must to high up ourselves to feel this festival!

 the sick-but-doesn't-look-sick Carol.

Next station we went to Zouk.

The cool stamp that only appear in the dark.

You know, it was all Indian men down there. The ratio of men to women is 30:1. My jaw almost dropped. How can a club lack of sexy girls!? I didn't realise until this trip that Singapore really got a lot of Indians, even during clubbing.
The music in Zouk really doesn't suit us, it's really just purely music like zz-doom zz-doom...

Then we went to the neighbour club, Phuture. They are better because at least we know the songs. At least when it comes to Gangnam Style people know how to dance. 


We bought a package online like Social Deal for S$39 to ride the Duck Ride, visit Christmas Village and Gardens by the Bay

When the tour guide said "We will have 40 min land ride and 20 min water ride" I almost faint.

This is the transport that can be ride on land and on water.

It's a sightseeing tour to go around Singapore.This is Singapore Flyer.
At first I thought the package includes this Flyer, looking at how slow the Flyer turns really.....lucky it's not included. 

Couldn't take a good picture of this monument. This is built for the remembrance of those people who were killed during the Japanese invasion.

Marina Bay Sands.

Gardens by the Bay, a very nice infrastructure.  

The sealion.

After the tour we visited the Christmas Village.

It's not an interesting one, not much people and no music really make the environment looks really dead. Just can say "Good job at the effort".

The Santa Claus with leather shoes looking so sleepy there.

6D looks so interesting!

So we decided to experience the fun and...it's sucks. After riding the super fun Transformer ride which is only 4D, and got too much expectation on this 6D, it's really a disappointing one.
It doesn't have any water effect like 4D that you can really feel water splash onto your face, no nothing but just the movements of the chair. But it's really a mind blowing one like what the advert above says because the wind is really strong. So we only can feel mild movements of the chair and strong wind. x.x

We walked to visit the Garden by the Bay

Gardens sound boring, all I can think of is looking at flowers. 
But when you enter the Garden, there's no way that you can close your mouth. Really WOOOOOOW!
That's a 5 floor high of waterfall, it makes the environment cool cold and fresh. Awesome!

That's the walkway around the waterfall.

It's a wishing pond. I wished to earn a lot of money and become rich. Do not need to work after I married, just show my palm and ask for allowance ^^ 

Isn't this a nice place?

Urm what is this called? The inverted ice in the ice cave.

Another section of the Garden, also a stunning one. This section presents the trees. 
The air is really fresh.

At that area, they create the infrastructure in a way to reuse the energy. It's pretty environmental friendly.

Snowman made by flowers.

End of the trip :)

Some people asked me how much to bring for a Singapore trip. Here's mine during December. Things got more expensive in December: 

Duration: 5 days 4 nights
Air Return Ticket Brunei-Singapore-Brunei: S$361.00
Hotel                                                         : S$180.00
Universal Studio                                         : S$ 74.00
Duck Ride+Gardens by the Bay+X'mas Vill: S$39.00
Foods                                                        : S$125.00
Transport                                                   : S$ 30.00 (most MRT rides are S$1+, I have few taxi rides too)
Total: S$809.00 not including my shopping expenses.

How much is sufficient it's all depend on what you spend on. If you are going to buy branded stuffs, S$2000 is not enough. I brought S$1000 for transport, foods and shopping and there are still few hundreds left.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun everytime I travel. I always kinda afraid that there will be arguments between friends during traveling because I had an awful Kota Kinabalu trip years back.

It was all because of a stupid and selfish travel mate who insisted she will be blacklisted if the apartment has more than 6 people.
Who wants to blacklist you for this small case, they just wan to earn money that's why the hotels want you to get one more room saying it's over the limit. duuuh....
And no one will check apartment by apartment everyday counting how many people is staying there. Afterall we only have 8 people.
If anything happen, I told her that I'm willing to pay any charge or penalty. But she was still being stupid.
Until she went and asked my high school teacher's opinion =.=" she then believed that it's alright to have 2 more people wtf (because this was the second trip, the first trip we had 15 people in an apartment) 

On the last day in KK, our flight was in the evening but she wanted us (3 people) to leave in the early morning because she was afraid the agent would find out the number of people staying there. =.="
We carrying our big luggage, where can we go!!??? Lucky my parents were at KK too so we put our luggage in their hotel. What if I have no family there!?

If you're wondering why us 3 people and not others. Because we were the last to buy the air ticket so we were the last to confirm going to KK. And the apartment was under the stupid mate's name. She was making the whole trip unhappy and YUCK.

I don't like fighting with people so I was like stupid listening to her command only and swore that I will never travel with this kind of people again.

So having good travel team is important. Maybe go with those who know you well or have the same aim. Some people likes to use taxi, but people who are on budget would prefer MRT. So travel mates with the right 'click' are important to make the whole trip awesome.

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