Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Autrim Cafe @ Empire Hotel

Atrium Cafe @ Empire Hotel Sungkai Buffet
Adult= $28, Child = $14

My pleasure to have this privilege to dine in Autrium

...with her...

They are more to Brunei foods
They have many choices of foods that we don't know where to start
Spicy, ofcourse, is a must for Brunei foods
I can't stop saying, "The foods are so nice!"
Love the....."beef roll"?

My very 1st time trying ambuyat
Not that bad like what I heard from people
May be the chefs are professional!

I didn't realize it's a blur one...
want to show how great the foods are...
They have jenlut machine too! Make your own ABC.

Love foods!

We were so full!

Tomorrow Cheezebox!

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