Thursday, September 24, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya~

I seldom visit my malay friends' home during raya, it's like once a hari raya.
So it's still not a habit yet.

Unlike Chinese New Year, I'll visit from the first to the last day of Chinese New year XD

This pudding made by Hakim.
He's a great chef, he cooks the buffet!
Even the daddy is proud and said, " He's a chef of a Singapore Hotel."

How nice?
We accidentally finished the spaghetti making the next batch has no chance to eat.
That's the disadvantage of delicious foods ^^

Who can cure this weird unique mind of mine!?

I'm a unique teen who can't live without work.

I like works which have feedbacks, salary / commission / special stuffs.

I end my contract working at bank one month earlier before entering UNI. Because I want to rest and have a month holiday.

About one week after I quit the work in bank, I suffer from the depression or something, it's hard to describe that feeling.

The only reason is, I'm unemployed, I don't have a work.

WHENEVER I have this problem, I'll think what work can I do while I'm in UNI ;
How am I going to earn my own allowances;
How to look for another part time job, etc.

Thousands of questions, millions of worry, billion days of not sleeping well,
just because of A problem, I don't have a work now.

OH great, thanks Guan Ying Ma that I found a part time job during my one month holiday.
Now I have a part time job doing multimedia.
It's a work that I can actually do it in my hostel, unfix working time.

Today, I went over to the customer's and did some works.
I sms my boss telling her that I have some doubts.
My boss said, "If it's a small problem then you can go home now."

How great to hear that if u're me!
But no...
I'm worried, "Is it my stupidity made my boss ask me to go early? Why can't I complete the tasks perfectly? Is my boss not satisfy of my work?..."

Is this Stress or what?

My dad asked me not to have part time jobs during UNI, because I have to concentrate in my UNI.
Yea right. If I don't have a work, I can't even concentrate.
Side income is like a for me.
I can go crazy if I don't have side income.

My friends can go crazy doing their school works, and they'll go arcade or shopping to relax.

I can be stress reading my UNI books,
and work is a release of this stress.

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