Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have the same genes

I'm so proud I have this ah Ma (grandma not maid) who has good cooking skill!

& CJ reminded, "She is the best ah Ma in this entire world!"

ah Ma speaks funnily, even when she says PKM, we will laughed with our widest mouth.

She always tells us how steady she is, telling us she makes so much dumpling in a day,
telling us about her aloe vera drink,
telling us she still looks nice even she smokes...

One of the funniest thing, she went to Hong Kong telling the people how rich is Brunei, making people misunderstood that Brunei sells gold!

We, the family members, have the inheritance of my ah Ma.
Most of us like to praise ourselves,
just like how I say, "I'm pretty, right?"
just like Vui says,"See, I have a big file of certs."
This includes, my uncles, aunts and also my dad.

We have the praise-myself genes ^^

By only looking at the foods in the pic, u'll know why I have family reunion.


Agnes said...

I love the veggie dish in the front!! :D

雅雅 Yaya said...

I don't like 'xiao bai cai' so I can't comment...

But my cuz said my grandma cooks the best vege ^^