Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rakugo & Superstar shooting

Went to watch Rakugo in English (Japanese sit-down stroytelling in English) by Mr Kaishi Katsura.

He had gone to 70 countries and performed about 300 performances.

It was great! It was funny already in the beginning.

May be kept on laughing, making the story not that funny in the end. But the other audiences were laughing.

It's something like 搞笑行动。

I didnt watch this video, low signal.
So i'm not sure if the video is good,
but I guess it might look smth like what I have watched.

Seems like there are so many photo shooting this year.

Just now went to shoot for the dancing club.

The weather damn hot lor~

and it took 4 hrs to complete everything x.x

Good thing is, the pics are nicely taken.

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