Saturday, September 5, 2009

Free Card!

The model shooting pics

Sexy look

Something funny happened on the way going to the studio, in the car. Hah! I'm so sorry at the same time...

We are all along speaking Chinese...

A guy friend brought us to the studio, and Yee was asking me to look at the big ring on his finger,

Me: Looks like ah pek (I'm actually just joking and come out with the word 'Ah Pek' x.x)

The weather is hot, and the car aircon was small...

Me: The aircon is small, just like Chien's vios.
The aircon was small, and it's really hot I asked if can on the aircon stronger

I wanted to ask him whether the studio provide make-up artist, ofcourse then I asked Mich for his name,

Me to Mich: hey,他叫什么鬼名?(ok it's a bad habit to say 什么鬼)

Mich: Kenny lo...

Me: huh? Kenny? He's not malay meh?

Kenny: 我是华人啦 (I'm chinese la)

And we laughed like hell, because me and yee didn't know he's Chinese, as I said the aircon is small and asking for his name is a not very nice way.
(I know it's a not very nice joke)

Arha, but he didn't mind I guess. I was shocked when he repeated after me "叫什么鬼名" and he laughed. Lucky that he laughed. Phew...

He doesn't look like Malay even. Because he was facing back us, that's why we didn't see clearly.

Opps, and after that he told us he's an AR, not faculty's AR. High position xia.

He looks young that's why we thought he's a student, and we chatted relax-ly, instead of respect-ly =.=

He's a nice guy la HAHAHAHHAHA not 拍马屁 okay...
Good sense of fashion too.


Went to Miri at 8 am, and we still come back at 8pm. I thought we can come back earlier if we go earlier.

Seems like going there earlier, makes us more time to shop, and spend more!

There are few shops selling "Ladies First" (a taiwan entertainment channel)'s stuffs. There's one beside Pines Restaurant, and few in Miri.

It looks good when they are introducing the products, you feel amazing...

I wanted to try, but I don't dare. The brands are not very recognized or popular, or may be it's only not recognized in Brunei and Malaysia?

I only tried Face Shop mask sheet. Since this is buy 2 free 1, made in Korea and intro by "Ladies First". Have a try then ^^

If you don't know,
This is Face Shop's new style of member card, they have 2, one 1 card and another one is key chain.

You can give either one to someone else.

And I'm looking for this "someone else" because I want to give someone who really make use of it, instead of putting in the wallet and cover with dusts.

If you really want this, you can email me

Only for those who will purchase from Face Shop. But I believe those who always purchase from Face Shop mostly has a member card XD

I just want to give this to someone who appreciate it

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