Monday, September 14, 2009

Hey guys, don't be shock like make up change my whole skin. Make up not necessarily means putting colors. I only do my eyes and hair ^^

I thought for a long whether to post my before and after...

If u know me, u might not spot the difference of my Before and After
me, too, don't know where's the difference
until I take my own pic Before and After.

I know one of the differences is

Ya, hair-do makes my face looks sharper, I guess
& eyes look bigger and brighter nia

You can see me w/o make up in the normal days...

I only make-up when there's special event.

I thought for a long to post,
I worried you guys would think, "Wah, w/o make up so ugly eh."

Ok, if there's no difference Before and After,
then why make up?

If after make up still looks the same,
why spend money for cosmetics?

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