Friday, September 18, 2009

Tasek Brasserie

Sheraton Hotel Adult

I found that majority hotel's sungkai buffet is Bruneian Foods.

Something different here is...
BBQ lamb!
It'a a big one, even can see the skeleton

I love the BBQ lamb and chicken.

5 marks for desserts, because they are not cold.

Ah Hua taught me the names of local foods / fruits

Hua: this is ambuyat

Me: No, ambuyat looks like glue

Hua: No! it's ambuyat

*the argument goes on*

Hua: ok, ambuyat is glue. This is ambuyat kueh!


I asked the waiter: What is this?

Waiter: Oh, this is ketupat.

Me: *feel proud*

*Hua was forcing me to eat nangka*

Me: No, I don't like nangka.

Hua: eat la! Nangka is 黄梨 (pineapple)。

Me: Pineapple is nanas! (hope I'm not wrong^^)

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