Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14th Feb

It was supposed the worst day of my life...

But after that I think it's the best day ever!


1. My friend's baby brother was born on that day! I thought he will be named Valentino. However, his name is still nice given by the mother.
I was like "OWHH~ ur brother was born on Valentine's day! how cool!"
She was "I think u are more excited than me. U should become his sister."

2. My cousin is getting married. Let's do it together ="OWWWHHH~~~~"
My future brother in law proposed to her on Valentine's. How sweet!

Taken from her FB

OK, want to know how I celebrated mine?
The crowd : YES!

Alright alright! hahahaha

I thought I will celebrate this day with my homework.
I also planned not to go out as I was really moody and wasn't having a good temper.
I didnt expect at 7.03pm where people may have started their romantic dinner at restaurants, this friend sms-ed me and greeted Happy Valentine, Girl!

Then he asked me out.
And I was wondering if he was joking and trying to fool around, because it was unexpected!
It's expected if ah ban, ah ming or ag, etc, asked me out. But him~~~~ hmmmmm LOL

anyway, we went to beach cafe, he ate his dinner, I drank my tea (because I ate).
Nothing special like how other couples are, since we are not couple.
But it was special because of the unexpected "dinner/tea".

I got a special sms from my daddy:

Dad: Dear, anybody celebrate valentine day with you tonight?

Me: No. *** just scolded me. nyway Im going out to eat with frens

Dad: ok. just relax and enjoy ur food tonight. You still young a lot of chance for u. Bye.

Let's do it together "OWWHHHH~"

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