Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nihon Ryouri 日本料理

Nihon Ryouri = Japanese Foods

I made my sushi this afternoon!

Preparation of ingredients

He taught how to make sushi

U need a really sharp knife to cut!

messy sushi, blame the blunt knife! ^^

a lot of people joining the class.

I was so scared when I first entered the class, all unfamiliar faces just drove me crazy and I didn't know what should I do and who to talk with.

We are divided into groups and make sushi together, I cincai joined a group of chinese bandar-ians.
Now i know there are unfriendly bandar-ians too lol.
They just kept talking among themselves and answered "YES/NO" on whatever I asked.

So I left and joined another friendly group who welcomed me ^^
The girls are in the pics above this post.

Oh ya! Comment on the sushi? They are delicious!
And the class was fun ^^

OK! Now I'm looking forward to next week's activity :)

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