Saturday, February 12, 2011

i love babies

hey! Chinese New year is not over yet!

I've been so lazy these days, I do my assignment in the midnight, got noon nap almost every noon and sleep late.
I'm only in love with Marketing.

Tonight I have open house but it's for my dad's friends.
I didnt invite friends this year and last year because I'm really lazy to serve. So those friends who came just need to self service and treat it like their own home. isn't that nice? ^^ lol

okla what to do? ah hua had been the one who serve my customers and I goyang kaki chatting with my friends.

Show you some pics that I took recently.

I prefer eldy with short hair. but he always come back with long weird hair.

xiao kia no. 1
I love ah be so much!

xiao kia no. 2

this guy soi nya sip
I soi ngam cham lol
quoted from lao ah pek

I was so happy just now because I saw Avril ( 2 yrs old) and ah be (2+ yrs old).
I dislike kids before, and not sure when I start to like them and love to play with them.
May be because of Joey. She was a super cute baby, really!
And from that time on, i start to love babies. And always excited to see them.

this is joey. I don't have her baby pic.
She's now a leng loi and a kid who hates me. lol (coz I love to disturb her)

She's an english educated girl, so when she speaks chinese,
I'll say "wah, u know how to speak chinese ah?"
Joey "duhhhh~ what do you think?"

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