Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey babies! Ya' all must watch okay~

The girls are so damn HOT!
The dances were nice, Christina and Cher's voice are nice!

If you wanna watch happily, and no sou-heng, please don't go cinema and watch. Because they cut the sex scene lol. The guys were complaining it wasn't worth hahaha

Burlesque means drama with striptease.
I wish I can dance like them, and sing like her.
The movie is all about singing and sexy dancing, and a bit love story.

I may be depressed recently.
however, I always get over it by finding ways to cheer myself up.
Look for my friends is one way. Friends can really cheer u up when u are down.
I have a friend who almost has the same interest like me, and we listened songs together owh~
And a friend who is very ON in everything! "Hello, are u free?" "ya! I'm free!" That's how ON he is.

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