Monday, February 7, 2011



I didn't online since day 30th!
My inbox has 200+ mails, this blog was abandoned, a lot of FB messages.

As a Chinese, the reason will only be because I'm busy in chinese new year, busy open house, busy visiting, busy eating and busy..........(u know I know la, I still want to get my yellow card, so just keep this secret *shhh*)

xiao jie has been a leng loi during chinese new year.
Spend 2 hrs everyday to do my hair and make up.
The best thing is when people see me and they said, "Superstar is coming." or "Jolin is here."

I asked them who wanna watch Jolin's concert in Genting, and they replied "Go for what, see you enough liaw." :D

he always calls me 牙签姐姐 (toothpick jie jie)

lol i was sitting on the floor in front of VK, and I couldn't stop hitting his leg accidentally.
His legs are too long to avoid.

My family gathering in day 1 is kinda quiet because some cousins are missing :(

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