Friday, February 25, 2011

Angry mode on

I just lost my temper, and I only will lost my temper to only one person.
Someone who is so close to me, may be the one who understand me the most, only he can make me angry. How great is this person!
But now, I don't think he understands me that much after what had happened just now.

I felt better after a sleep. But still I have that fire inside me.

I don't know why this person still can get my nerves on when he's no more important to me.

I dislike when someone is trying to tell me something, and when I ask, and he/she is not gonna tell me anymore.
That really feels bad ok!

It's ok if it's a big secret. Sometimes when I ask a friend, "hey, what did u eat?"
my friend would answer either "Adalah..." or "Go ask XXXX."

why can't you just tell me, and need me to ask someone else?
And I normally won't even continue asking la, nothing important.

I'm not that small gas, so won't actually got angry in these small cass-ie.
But just to THAT person, he knows me well that I want the answer no matter what, and he was challenging my level of patience.
I can actually ignore right? But I don't know why I just care a lot.

I'm having my period somemore.....!@#$%^&

Lots of assignments and tests somemore.

Cannot watch Burlesque somemore. I hope to watch it tomorrow ok~
Didn't finish watching Green Hornet somemore, don't buy pirated DVD ok~

Watch it! it's sexy!

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