Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beard Papa's Vanilla Puff

There were few times that I wanted to try this Beard Papa's puff, but the shop was closed everytime I go.
It was said there that they were having renovation, and I thought may be it was just an excuse, and may be they have went bankrupt LOL

Few days ago, when I saw Beard Papa was opened! So I bought one and tried.
I tried the popular one, Vanilla flavour.

Out of my expectation, as a person who dislike custard, I think it's really delicious!
I heard my friends' comment, most of them just said "OKLA~~"
But my comment is "Very GOOD! Very delicious!"

The puff is soft, and inside it has vanilla cream?...urm....not sure what's that call.
The vanilla is satisfactory, not very sweet, not very thick.


...a bit pricy. It costs $2.30 each.

It has other flavours like chocolate and frozen yogurt I think.

The shop is located in the Mall, the most upper floor.

Have a try,
U won't regret

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Love your blog, very interesting n the puffs are really great :)