Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stressful life for 1 month more

Sometimes you need to do something that makes you concentrate doing your work right?

You can't do your work when you are hungry, and I can't do my work when I'm moody, hungry, not watching any youtube videos, no FB-ing, and no blogging.

So, a quick post can make me concentrate doing my work again (you can take any excuses when you are actually lazy ^^)

It sounds so good when:
- you know this week is the last week of uni.

- Tomorrow is the last day of lecture.

- Next week is a holiday for revision

- 2 weeks of exam and 3 months of holiday is coming.

But it turns the students down when:

- tomorrow there's a Japanese test

- 4 assignments due within this month which are not done yet (but I've done my part)

- we just receive a new assignment TODAY!

- the hostelites know that they are going to move all their things out again from 2nd floor of the hostel to the car then to their home. (moving things are so tiring! I don't even know what's the point when we are still going back to the hostel)

It turns me down when:

- I don't know should I celebrate my 21st birthday because I don't know how should I celebrate it....hmm may be not necessary?

Ok, gonna get my arse back to study for the Japanese test

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