Tuesday, April 5, 2011

第一次- 清明

If you are chinese, you will know today is Qing Ming (清明)where people go cemetery and visit their ancestors or family/friends who passed away.

This is my first time going there and visit my grandpa and great grand parents. I've seen my great grand parents before! I know most of my friends never see theirs.

I woke up at 5.15 am and actually didn't sleep because someone doesn't allow me to LOL.
I ended up having a few hours nap in the noon and missed my 4pm lecture.

It has been raining today, the whole day. However, we didn't wait the rain to stop and still went to cemetery.
A lot of flies yea....
We were playing with the rain water, splashing each other using umbrella hehe
My family always like to joke around, and I didn't expect they still can joke even going to cemetery.

They joked about people burning "Mercedes" for their family, but didn't burn the a garage, and how they gonna park their car. lol (fyi, the group who burnt the benz is our friends)
And a lot of jokes...

Lucky Teng and How were with me just now at cemetery, or else I'm gonna be bored~

a pic taken after the cemetery, when we had our breakfast at sg liang.
The fried kue tiao not bad.

PS: I bought a pair of cool heels online. I never dare to buy online because I'm afraid it looks different from the photo, it doesn't fit and suit me, then that gonna be troublesome.
Show u when I got it ^^

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