Thursday, April 21, 2011

When surprise goes successful

I can say I'm good in giving surprises! I made a lot of surprises and most of them are successful ^^
Normally are surprises for birthdays~

You will be happy when you see people's face like this:


...then tears of joy.

Surprises that I've made so far:
- Putting a card at the person's car wiper like a summon.

- Speak angrily "Have you done your assignment? Not yet? Go to living room now for meeting. NOW AH!!!!" then a group of people and a cake appear~

- Put a photo album (was a present to that person) on the sofa, and waited the person to open the album and see. The album is full of pictures of us.
I still remember the expression when he didn't expect the album was for him, and he cried (tears of joy).

- surprise dinner is kind of common, but yea, that was one of them that I did.

- sent a letter/card to the person's house through post.
Then I found that Brunei's post office is not that bad, the letter arrived 2/3 days after I sent. I thought it would take 1 week or more.

- Baked a birthday cake (who would expect Eahui knows how to bake? lol and that was the only time I gave patience to do such thing)

I'm belong to the 'clever' group, so when I got some of the surprises, the excitement were not that high because it was expected. But was happy la to have them celebrating my birthday.

Surprises I've got (I mean those which I really felt surprised):
- I was in a rush to somewhere. U won't think much when you are in a rush, right?
After make up, packed up my bag, opened my door and a present outside my door.
I almost stepped on it but I was aware. The next thing I did was laugh loudly like usual.

- the recent surprise cake given by the lovely bros and sis.
what I knew was the cake was for Min, but who knows 50% of the cake belongs to me.

I have been trying to tie a bun for quite a long time, but because my hair is long and too straight, so I was figuring a bun that suits me.

sui o? ^^

It was a surprise dinner for Min at Pizza Hut.

Surprise cake time!

Then I was asked to read the cake, I was "Did u mean read it? *confused*"
Them "just read it~"
I read "Happy Birthday to Tzu Min......from Yaya?"

I thought "something wrong? it's from all of us, not only me"

I even turned the cake to make me see clearer WHILE they were singing birthday song.

the next thing was....

Me "OMG!!!!!!!! I have a birthday cake!"


We are taurus~

They like to fool around with this couple, and chien was asked to feed Min.

To avoid misunderstandings and complication, I was forced to involve.

Someone said that he prefers my cute pose, but I'm not a cute person.
But this is obviously acting cute la~

What surprises you've made and received?

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